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two tall buildings with clocks on them against a cloudy sky
Old Prague skyline at dusk. A pair of wonderful mansart roofs. Shot taken in May 2015
a man is walking down an alley way at night in the city with lights on
The charming old streets of "Mala Strana" in Prague. Reminds me of the walk to U Zlate Studne, a wonderful boutique hotel in the Mala Strana.
an old building with stone pillars and arches
Ancient Abbey in St. Emilion France 2017
an old bridge over a pond in a park with columns and pillars on the sides
Parc Monceau, Paris 2017
a tall building sitting on the side of a road under a cloudy blue and pink sky
One of the many old "pointed" apartments in Paris 2017
an old church tower rises above the rooftops of some small buildings in a city
St. Emilion France 2017 Heart of the local wine region.
the dome of an old building lit up at night
Sacre Coeur in Paris. September 2015.
the grass is growing in the sand by the water
Bay of Arcachon in western France. September 2015.
the sun is setting behind a lamp post
Paris bridge sunset. View from Pont Alexandre. September 2015.
a bridge over water with a church in the background
Notre Dame, Paris. September 2015.
a bridge over a river with statues on it
Pont Alexandre in Paris. Built for the 1900 exhibition. September 2015.
black and white photograph of the top of a building with statues in front of it
Suite of bronzes atop the Grand Palais in Paris. September 2015.
the sun is setting over the ocean with mountains in the distance and water below it
Hendaye France, the border with Spain. Shot taken from Biarritz, France. September 2015.
there is a statue in front of the eiffel tower
Eiffel Tower shot taken from Palais Chaillot. September 2015.
people are standing in front of an old castle
15th century Porte Cailhau in Bordeaux, France. September 2015