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a crocheted necklace on a white doily with a blue pendant hanging from it
a blue and white crocheted doily with a tassel hanging from it
collana con mandala uncinetto
an eyeball sculpture is displayed on a white stand with black and blue tassels
three crocheted necklaces are displayed on a white surface, one is blue and the other is green
Crochet PATTERN Peacock Feather "Nemali" Motif, Coaster and Garland - Photo Tutorial - INTERMEDIATE level- Original Design
This is a listing for a PDF photo tutorial pattern in ENGLISH with clear written instructions and not for the finished items. This PDF crochet pattern is for a crocheted peacock feather called Nemali, which looks fabulous in all kinds of colour combinations. I can imagine you
a pair of colorful earrings is being held in someone's hand with pearls on them
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a hand holding a crocheted evil eye charm
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three cards with tassels and an evil eye on them
Pingente olho grego em crochê