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the outside of a restaurant with tables and chairs
Ristorante Europa
Das Foto wurde bei Ristorante Europa von Maurizio D. am 4/27/2012 aufgenommen
a dining room with yellow walls and wooden floors, tables set for four people to eat
Toe Drue Antica Osteria | Ristorante a Genova Sestri Ponente
Ristorante "Toe Drûe"
a white plate topped with an egg and veggies next to chopsticks
I nostri menù degustazione
Cinque portate | Ristorante Capo Santa Chiara
a white plate topped with food covered in sauce
several bottles of wine are lined up on a shelf
Toe Drue Antica Osteria | Ristorante a Genova Sestri Ponente
Ristorante "Toe Drûe"
a dining room with tables and chairs covered in white tablecloths
Le Cicale - Home Page
Ristorante le cicale in città
the inside of a building with multiple rows of lights on each side and circular windows above it
Italy Genova _DSC9552
The classic staircase shot, taken in the Bristol Palace Hotel in Genoa, Italy. // youngrobv
a gazebo in the middle of a green pond with statues on each side and trees around it
villa pallavicini (11)
Tempio di Diana at Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini in Genova, Italy (by Mc Glen).
a black and white photo of a building with columns
Domain for sale
Monumentalfriedhof Staglieno - Genua, Italien
an advertisement for mare monstrum with octopuses in the water
Homepage - Galata Museo del Mare
Galata Museo del Mare
a group of buildings sitting on top of a beach next to the ocean with boats parked in front of them
Boccadasse (Genua) - Lohnt es sich? Aktuell für 2024 (Mit fotos)
Boccadasse Foto
a woman standing in front of a three tiered platter filled with lobsters and clams
Indarsena - Oyster Bar dal Gagge
many different types of oysters on the beach
The Best Restaurants In Genoa Italy
10 Best Restaurants in Genoa
clams, mussels, and other seafood are mixed together in this image
Inicio - Le Cantine Squarciafico
several boats are docked in the water at night near a yellow building and palm trees
MarinaPlace - Gallery