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a woman with long red hair holding a small bird in her hand and looking at the camera
Laura Makabresku – A Macabre World of Dreams and Melancholy
a woman's bare feet with black lace stockings and red nail polish on her toes
browndresswithwhitedots: Varvara Kojevnikova (A Feminine Tomboy)
browndresswithwhitedots: Varvara Kojevnikova | A Feminine Tomboy | Bloglovin’
a woman sitting on top of a table with her legs crossed
Unravel My Thoughts Pearl and Godiva | Wedding Ideas | OnceWed.com
unravel my thoughts | via: once wed
a person standing on top of a wooden platform with their bare feet in the air
Inside Dancers' Love-Hate Relationships with their Feet