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there is a small figurine in the shape of a cupcake with a bear on top
Дед Мороз ватная игрушка в интернет-магазине Ярмарка Мастеров по цене 3200 ₽ – TR5VWRU | Интерьерная кукла, Нижний Новгород - доставка по России
a doll with red hair and beard laying next to other items on a gray surface
Red bearded textile doll man with tattoo - DailyDoll Shop
Unique collectible art textile doll - bearded man with tattoo.
a stuffed animal is posed on a pink background
Purple Platypus by Astrowolki
Hello, It’s Igor and Anastasia. We are doll artists. Astrowolki is a brand of handmade dolls and creatures. It was founded in Barnaul, Russia in 2016. We mainly use natural fabrics, such us linen, cotton, wool etc. Why only natural fabrics? Because we love nature. Also, we don’t use plastic for the packaging of parcels. Creation of dolls is an for us main profession, and we perfect our skills everyday. Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest and stay be cool 🖤