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people are walking around in front of an old building with a clock tower at night
people are sitting on the ground in front of an old building with a clock tower
Bologna, scende la sera ... (foto di @markseychell )
a large christmas tree is in the middle of a crowded square with people walking around it
a cobblestone street at night with lights shining on the buildings in the background
Bologna by night
the sun is setting over an old city with tall buildings in the foreground and clouds in the background
two men in aprons are cutting wood on a table
Things to do in Bologna in 2020: Italy's Most Underrated City
Learn to make pasta in Bologna Italy. Just one of many things to do in Bologna, discover the others
a bike parked next to a building with a painting on it's side and windows
Via de' Poeti
Bologna, Italy
a narrow canal runs between two buildings in an alleyway with flowers growing on the ledges
Bologna, Italy A preparar-me para as férias!!!! QUER GANHAR DINHEIRO COM INTERNET?
two tall brick towers sitting next to each other on top of a street at night
La mia Bologna - Italia - Italy - Bologna, Le Due Torri e la Luna, foto di Ivan Vladimrov
a man standing in front of a display case filled with meat
Foodie Finds in Bologna, Italy
two people walking down an alleyway between buildings with umbrellas on either side and potted plants in the foreground
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Bologna, Italy. Love the pallets of oranges!! Lovely street@
an outdoor market with people shopping and selling items in front of brick buildings on cobblestone streets
Piazza Santo Stefano, Bologna
Bologna Santo Stefano Antiques Market. I love this photo! Santo Stefano, Bologna, Italy