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Senya is creating Mandala Art and educating how to draw. | Patreon
SO Satisfying art and Painting ✏️ #Drawing #Art #Sketch #draw
four squares with different designs on them and the words tangle squill written in red
the different shapes and sizes of art work are shown in this drawing lesson for kids
an image of some art work with different colors and shapes on it's paper
an image of some kind of art that is on the page, with instructions for how to
an image of different shapes and sizes on paper
Dory Peeters on Instagram: "I got an email today that my very first Tangle will be featured on Musterquelle! I am so happy about this and feel so grateful 🥰 The Tangle is called ISEA-U. I was creating this one when I was busy working on a summer Zentangle® tile, with a kind of seashell as a string, when I got stuck on a little small eye-like piece of string. I just tried something to fill it with, no actual Tangle in mind, just started drawing these "("-shapes, while turning my tile, when this
an image of some drawings on paper with the words, flowers and butterflies in it
black and white hand drawn faces of people in square shapes on a white background stock photo
People Abstract Faces Avatars Characters Black Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 1384841615 | Shutterstock
for the 💖 for lines
three different types of hair are shown in this drawing technique, one is long and the other is wavy
Examples of Zentangle Project