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a black cat with pink lettering on it's face and the words machen in german
the german language worksheet for children to learn with their own words and pictures
Немецкий язык
a diagram with different colors and the words den der, des, neuterr, feminine
German cases quick reference sheet [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_grammar]
the words in german are cut out on paper
Learn German with Rocket German | Free trial
four different words are shown in the same color scheme
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, don't write stuff
Adjectives & Declention
a map with all the major cities and towns in germany, including berlin, cologne, hamburg, neubelberg, schlauen, hofheie, obe, strasch, & more
LearnOutLive German Books on X
the german language worksheet with pictures and words to describe what is in it
Bestimmter und unbestimmter Artikel
a poster with an image of people washing their hands and the words, handwashen gel
Händewaschen-Poster(gelb) kostenlos
the yoga kids poster is shown in blue and white
Yoga Poster – Unterrichtsmaterial im Fach Sport