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an aurora bore is seen in the sky above trees
Explore June 11, 2024
Northern lights in Lappish winter
a man riding a snowboard down the side of a snow covered slope in front of a large wave
Sylvain Bourbousson / Rooster / New Zealand
Sylvain Bourbousson in Rooster, NZ - by Vanessa Andrieux
the inside of a cave with water coming out of it and a quote written in arabic
River under Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland (by...
River under Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland
a man in an orange and black jacket is standing on top of a mountain with his eyes closed
"Eero Veikka Juhani Gustafsson, known as Veikka Gustafsson (born 14 January 1968) is a Finnish mountaineer who has ascended all 14 eight-thousanders in the world without the use of supplemental oxygen." -Wikipedia
a boat floating on top of a lake surrounded by snow covered mountain peaks in the distance
Moraine Lake
Moraine Lake, Canada. By Bryan Tripp.
an ice hotel is shown in this artistic photo
ice hotel lobby, finland photo
Ice hotel lobby from finland
two people walking up the side of a snow covered mountain
Italy - pixdaus
Mt. Blanc, Italy.
several people diving into the water from an underwater cave, while another person swims in the ocean
©Agustin Munoz
Cliff Diving, Negril, Jamaica
the mountains are covered in mist and clouds
Trollväggen: känt bergsstup på berget Trolltindan i Norge
a mountain with a red line going up it's side next to the water
Helvetesveita, Nonstind, Kvaløya
Climbed Helvetesveita 2012, Nonstind, Kvaløya, Next Osnesrenna on the right
a snow covered mountain in the distance
Mt. Ararat
Mt. Ararat - finding the ark on the way down
there is a rainbow in the middle of the ocean water and it appears to be raining
DARK SIDE OF THE LENS by Astray Films. Winner - Best Cinematography, Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2011
two airplanes flying in the shape of a heart
Airshow heart!
a rainbow in the middle of a waterfall with water pouring over it and people standing at the edge
Iguaçu National Park - Wikipedia
Iguaçu National Park, Brazil
a bicycle is parked in the back of a boat that has a handlebar attached to it
Norwegian Thrills