Caving is great fun! We run caving trips to fantastic locations in the nearby Yorkshire Dales National Park. You can read about the types of trip we offer by…
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three men in blue work suits and green rubber boots are posing for a photo inside a cave
All of the equipment you see this group wearing is provided as part of the fee per person when you book an introductory caving session with us. Our prices start at only £45 each for a four hour session underground - less if you bring a bigger group!
a man wearing a helmet is in a cave
Squeezing through the Cheese Press - a bedding plane crawl in Long Churns. One of the best remembered parts of anyones caving trip in the Yorkshire Dales.
four people standing in front of a stone wall on the side of a dirt road
Caving in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Easter Sunday 2015. Read the report here
the inside of a cave filled with water and rocks
Just some of the many unusual things to be found underground on a Caving Session with Kendal Mountaineering Services. Calcite deposits (Speleothems) such as flowstones, stalactites and Stalagmites!
two men in blue jumpsuits are standing in a cave with their arms around each other
Christian & Phil enjoy the delights of caving on one of our Half Day Introductory Caving Sessions in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.
two men in red jackets and helmets are climbing into a cave with their hands on the ground
Ben & Robbie enjoy exploring one of the "Fossil Passages" during our visit to Long Churns for their Half Day Caving Sessions in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.
two men in red and blue suits are standing next to each other inside a cave
Our Caving Sessions in The Yorkshire Dales National park are great fun for all the family!
a man in an orange jacket and helmet climbing up a rock
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A tight squeeze through the Cheese Press, Long Churns. Caving in the North Yorkshire Dales National Park