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Jean Dubuffet-Bal des Figures
We are proud to present "Jean Dubuffet - Bal des Figures" @opergallery Paris, now on view until December 18th!!
an artistic display in a museum with stairs and artwork on the walls, including a sculpture
Jean Dubuffet
'Jean Dubuffet - Bal des Figures' is now on view @operagallery Paris until December 18th! Artwork: Jean Dubuffet, Clochepoche, 1973, 1988, painted polyester resin, 218.4 x 120 x 84.6 cm Image © Nicolas Brasseur
a sculpture in the shape of a robot on a black base with stairs behind it
Jean Dubuffet - Bal des Figures @operagallery Paris
Artwork: Jean Dubuffet, Clochepoche, 1973-1988, painted polyester resin, 218.4 x 120 x 84.6 cm
a drawing with many different colors and designs on it's surface, including stripes
Jean Dubuffet - Coffee pot, cup and sugar bowl II, 1965
Jean Dubuffet at Opera Gallery Geneva. __ Artwork: Coffee pot, cup, and sugar bowl II, 1965. Vinyl paint on canvas . 60 x 73 cm | 23,6 x 28,7 in _____ #jeandubuffet #operagallery #genevafineart
an art gallery with sculptures on pedestals and wall hangings in the back ground
"Jean Dubuffet I Pierre Soulages: Fondamental"
"Jean Dubuffet I Pierre Soulages: Fondamental" at Opera Gallery Geneva. An exceptional show featured the works of these two French giants alongside fascinating objects of Primitive Art. See more art shows at Opera Gallery.
three sculptures are on display in front of a wall with a painting and two masks
Jean Dubuffet's works alongside primitive artworks.
At Opera Gallery Geneva was presented "Jean Dubuffet / Pierre Soulages: Fondamental", an exhibition featuring over 30 works by these two masters alongside primitive artworks. February 7th.
three black and white paintings on display in a dark room
"Jean Dubuffet/Pierre Soulages: Fondamental"
"Jean Dubuffet / Pierre Soulages: Fondamental" at Opera Gallery Geneva! The exhibition displayed an important collection of works by Jean Dubuffet and Pierre Soulages alongside primitive art pieces. February 4th
an art gallery with sculptures and paintings on the walls, including one large piece of artwork
Works of Jean Dubuffet among other artists at Opera Gallery Paris
Art display at Opera Gallery Paris, featuring the works of Jean Dubuffet, Pierre Soulages, Frank Stella, Alex Katz and Manolo Valdés! February 2020
a sculpture made out of paper on top of a black stand with a white background
Opera Gallery exhibited at Art Miami, featuring amazing works by Jean Dubuffet, Alexander Calder, Keith Haring, and Manolo Valdés among others. __ Artwork: Tasse de Thé I, 1967, polyurethane paint on polyester resin, 197.5 x 127 x 10.1 cm @artmiami, November 2019.
a spiral staircase in the middle of a building with an artistic artwork hanging from it's side
Élément Bleu -Jean Dubuffet
Jean Dubuffet at Opera Gallery Paris ! April 2019. __ Artwork: Élément Bleu IX, 1967, transfer on polyester, 197.5 x 98.4 x 10.2 cm
two paintings on the wall in an art gallery with white flooring and walls covered in black and white artwork
Jean Dubuffet's works among other artists at Opera Gallery Miami
Jean Dubuffet's masterpieces among other artists displayed at Opera Gallery Miami, January 2019. __ #ModernArt #ArtGalleryMiami #artgalleryinterior
a man sitting in front of a wall covered in graffiti
Jean Dubuffet's Artwork at Opera Gallery Monaco
Artwork: Jean Dubuffet, Element bleu IX, 1967, transfer on polyester, 197.5 x 98.4 x 10.2 cm
a piece of art that is made out of paper
"Elément bleu V, 1967" -Jean Dubuffet
"The real function of art is to change mental patterns ... making new thought possible." -Jean Dubuffet #jeandubuffet Artwork: Elément bleu V, 1967, Transfer on polyester, 167 x 120 x 10 cm presented at Opera Gallery Miami!
a white and red sculpture on a stand with an abstract design in the middle, against a white background
"Siphonus" (1971) -Jean Dubuffet
Born this day in 1901, Jean Dubuffet is the founding father of Art Brut. Rejecting traditional fundamentals of art and institutionalised culture, he was interested in art produced by people working outside of aesthetic norms, such as children, prisoners and psychiatric patients. His oeuvre includes paintings, collages, sculptures and monuments and he remains to date one of the most controversial post-war French artists in history. __ Pictured: "Siphonus" (1971), Acrylic on Klegecell, 180 x 80 cm
a man is walking in front of an art installation
Jean Dubuffet’s Villa Falbala – His largest sculpture