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Video Games Aren’t The Issue
a drawing of a cat holding onto a tree branch
"Korok BOTW" Sticker for Sale by Cottonwisp
four different types of people and animals in the same picture, each with their own name
[BotW] Ah yes, the four fantastical races of hyrule
the legend of zelda meme is shown with an image of two people sitting in front of a white horse
Picture memes 0ncNtQf17: 1 comment — iFunny
an animated image of a dinosaur attacking another creature in a field with ruins behind it
the legend of zelda is shown in this collage with pictures and text on it
the legend of zelda is shown in several different screens
a tweet with an image of a cartoon character on the screen and text that reads, this is the best screenshot i've ever taken
Tonight... | The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
an image of a man holding a guitar in front of a blue background with the words, man i am really far off the map
The Gaming Blog
the legend of zelda's adventure meme is shown in this screenshot
Picture memes hAB2ryir6 — iFunny
an image of a video game being played on the nintendo wii, with caption that reads so apparently both has a very active moding community
There’s naruto with a pencil riding on Thomas running from shrek.....MODDING
some animation characters are talking to each other
BOTW: When Link Gets Ready for Loving