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an email to someone about parking in the parking lot
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Solving problems like real men…
a clock hanging from the side of a wall next to a framed photograph with words above it
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
"Well that's one way to ruin a childhood." <-- I can't stop laughing. Hahaha!
a comic strip with an image of the legend of zelda
NameBright - Coming Soon
Zelda and the House of Skulltula
a blue truck with watermelons in the back window and an advertisement on it
No Real Life Applications, You Said
Joe Has 63 Watermelons
Hahaha!! =) Quotes, I Love To Laugh, Favorite Quotes, Me Quotes, Have A Laugh -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspkulfoto Resources and Information.
Hahaha!! =)
an orange background with the words 9 if i see a typo in a book i'm reading, i have to subpress my sudden rage
a bottle of smirnoff vodka on a white background
The Walken Dead
It Needs More Cowbell!
The Walken Dead
the back of a woman's running sucks hoodie sweatshirt in black and white
Luxury fashion & independent designers | SSENSE
I'd exercise in this.
Best dedication ever Laughter, Laughing So Hard, I Laughed, Laugh, Fun
Best dedication ever
Best dedication ever
Best dedication ever
I know a few people who just 'love' birds. lol. ;) People, I Smile -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspfashionpins Resources and Information.
I know a few people who just 'love' birds. lol. ;)
a black and white photo with the words if you fall, i'll be there
If you fall ill be there
If you fall ill be there
Haha T Rex Humor
the many breeds of corgis are depicted in this cartoon book, which is also available for children and adults
I need to find the breeders of these
a blackboard with writing on it that says, you'll never be this cool
Honey Chicken Kabobs
If I haven't mentioned this before...I love puns.
a sign that says, go home, sign right lane must right let you're drunk
Go home, sign.
someecards if you don't know who princess consuela bananamock is, we're not friends
Funny Friendship Memes & Ecards | Someecards
some animals with names on them
On life and time.
Misleading Animal Names
there was a spider, i noticed but i think it's gone now
a cartoon depicting an egyptian man and woman talking to each other, with the caption'i only had enough room to go up to 2012 '
a man in a silver suit standing next to an old radio with the caption, what is this? an apocalyse for ants?
What is this? a center for ants?
It needs to be at least three times this size!
an image of a woman with long hair saying i don't fart i whisper in
I don't fart, I whisper in my panties.
a black and white cat standing on its hind legs
Penguin cat
penguin cat
the comic strip shows how to use puns
an image of the movie scene with text that reads, you must not be happy to see
It's funny because he's dead! BWAHA! ;)
a comic strip with an image of two people talking to each other and the caption is
Pretty much
a comic strip with an image of a man talking on his phone and the caption says