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a person is dipping some food into a skillet with cheese and spinach on it
Baked Fontina Garlic Cheese Dip
Garlic Cheese Dip
a tray with pizzas on it sitting on top of a green grass covered field
RITZ Pepperoni & Veggie "Pizzas"
Put your own twist on a game day staple with RITZ Pepperoni & Veggie "Pizza" Bites. Top RITZ Crackers with pepperoni, cooked peppers and onions, shredded mozzarella cheese and a drizzle of pizza sauce. Victory is yours!
six cupcakes with white frosting and green toppings on a red plate
Horseradish-Roast Beef Topper
A classic combination: RITZ crackers topped with roast beef and horseradish. Such an easy and yummy snack for party goers!
three small crackers on a white plate with cream cheese and toppings labeled in english
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
Spread cream cheese on a RITZ cracker, add a dab of hot pepper jelly and sprinkle with chopped almonds for a snack with a kick!
some food is on a blue plate with cherry tomatoes and chicken meat in the middle
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
Looks good! Melt pepperjack cheese on a RITZ bacon flavored cracker, add grilled chicken and pair with cherry tomatoes for a tasty bite.
three small appetizers with tomatoes and cream cheese on them, labeled in italian
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
Have you ever had caprese salad on a RITZ? Just add mozzarella, a tomato and some basil for a quick and yummy snack.
three heart shaped pastries on a blue plate with coconut flakes and feta watermelon
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
Summer means fresh snacks! Watermelon and feta on a RITZ makes a tasty and refreshing snack.
strawberry shortcakes with chocolate and marshmallow toppings on top, sitting on a white plate
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
For a twist on the classic s'more, add a strawberry to marshmallow and chocolate. Sweet and pretty!
three small pastries with cheese and jam on a black slate board next to a spoon
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
A delicious and classic combo! Bleu cheese pairs wonderfully with fruit jams like raspberry. Place it all on a RITZ cracker for an easy appetizer.
three pieces of fruit and chocolate on a white plate next to two slices of peach
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
Fancy and yummy! Place whipped cream and a peach slice on a RITZ cracker then dip half in chocolate for this decadaent effect. Put them in the freezer to harden the chocolate and bring them to parties!
three crackers with cheese and green onions on a black plate
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
An easy and delicious snack for the whole family! Place a slice of muenster cheese on a RITZ cracker and melt in the microwave. Add sliced scallions on top for extra flavor!
an image of crackers with cheese on them
RITZ Spinach Dip-Artichoke Toppers
These warm RITZ cracker Spinach Dip-Artichoke Toppers might just cure your winter blues! Top a RITZ cracker with pre-made spinach dip, an artichoke heart slice, and grated Parmesan cheese. Place on a baking sheet and pop in the oven at 350°F until heated through.
there are many different types of food being cooked
Corned Beef Hash Topper
It's not St. Patrick's Day without Corned Beef Hash on a RITZ cracker! Cook butter, onions, peppers, chopped potatoes, and black pepper in a skillet until lightly browned. Top RITZ crackers and add a dollop of a Dijon mustard-mayonnaise blend. Welcome back spring with this simply delicious party appetizer!
strawberry cheesecake on a ritz cracker with whipped cream and fresh strawberries
These fruity and fresh cheesecake RITZ cracker toppers will bring some spring color to your meals. The recipe is super simple and easy: just spread softened cream cheese on crackers and top with pie filling. It's a classic, no-bake dessert that will be the star of your Sunday brunch.
two cookies with peanut butter and chocolate chips on top are sitting on a white plate
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Love sweet and salty flavors? It doesn't get better than peanut butter and chocolate on a RITZ.
small appetizers are arranged on a plate with green leafy garnishes
You can never go wrong with tomato and basil. Repin if you agree!
small appetizers are arranged on a white plate with crackers and tomatoes in the background
Repin if you'd want to pump up the spice factor with sizzling salsa on a RITZ!
bacon on top of crackers sitting on a white plate
You're hungry when you wake up. Treat yourself to a brunch of bacon, eggs and Ritz.
crackers with cucumber slices on them sitting on a white plate next to each other
Hummus + cucumber = perfection on a cracker.
orange slices and whipped cream on top of crackers
Orange + frosty = mouth-watering combination.
small crackers with cucumber and smoked salmon on them
Don't miss out on this delicious recipe!
chocolate banana pecan ritz cookies on a cutting board
RITZ topped with sweet chocolate, a slice of banana and a pecan make for a perfect one bite pie.
two cookies decorated with almonds and white frosting on a blue plate, one is topped with nuts
Kids will love these easy to make after school snacks that use only cream cheese, almonds and raisins to create an owl.
three marshmallow snowmen sitting on top of cookies
These melted snowmen snacks are a popular favorite. We created an easy version to make with the kids, no flame or baking necessary.
three cookies with cream cheese and strawberry jam on them
Tea time can be all the more sweet with RITZ, cream cheese and a dollop of jam on top.
three bacon s'mores on a plate with chocolate drizzle
It's no secret that bacon and chocolate are a hit. What about a bacon smore? Top a RITZ cracker with bacon, marshmallow and drizzled chocolate for a tasty treat!
three small sandwiches with tomatoes on them sitting on a plate that says, cheddar and tomato ritz
The perfect after work or after school snack, with melted cheddar, tomato, and a sprinkle of pepper.
an image of a dessert on a plate labeled in the words cinnamon, banana, almond butter and cinnamon
We added almond butter, a slice of banana and cinnamon onto a RITZ Cracker for a delicious treat with a healthy spin! Perfect for after school snacks.
an assortment of food is displayed on a cutting board, along with the recipe for this appetizer
Mozartkugel | Mirabell | Service
These RITZ cracker Sun-Dried Tomato Crostini bites are so easy and delicious!Blend sun-dried tomatoes until tomatoes finely chopped. Add Neufchatel cheese and blend well. Put in sliced black olives, garlic, and basil leaves to blend once more. Refrigerate for one hour and spread evenly onto crackers. Whether you're hosting a party or looking for an afternoon snack, easy prep makes this a great appetizer any day of the week!
a ham and cheese sandwich is shown on a black plate with cracker crusts
Try our RITZ cracker Ham and Cheese RITZwich for a bite-sized spin on a classic sandwich. Top a tray of RITZ crackers with Swiss cheese. Cover half of the crackers with ham, a Dijon mustard-mayonnaise blend and fried onions. Bake until melted and sandwich the two cracker sides together. Perfect for welcoming your out-of-town guests!
chicken and waffle bites on a blue plate next to a glass of tea with red ribbon
Chicken & "Waffle" Topper
What could be more Southern than these RITZ Chicken & "Waffle" Toppers? Place some cooked bacon, a piece of popcorn chicken, and a slice of muenster cheese on a RITZ cracker. Melt the cheese then drizzle with maple-flavored syrup. Serve up at brunch as a tasty Father's Day treat for dad.
four pictures showing different types of food on the same plate as well as instructions for how to make them
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Egg Salad Snacks made with | Ritz Fresh Stacks Crackers
small desserts with berries and cream cheese sit on a polka dot plate, ready to be eaten
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Berries & Cream Cheese Ritz | Ritz Fresh Stacks Crackers
chocolate berry cracker topper recipe on a cutting board with strawberries and cookies
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Strawberry and Chocolate Cracker Topper | Ritz Fresh Stacks Crackers
three mini cheesey bites on a blue plate
Crushed Pea and Feta Cracker Snacks | Ritz Fresh Stacks Crackers
four cookies with marshmallows on them sitting on top of a white napkin
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Chocolate Hazelnut S'mores Ritz Bites! | Ritz Fresh Stacks Crackers
crackers with cheese and jelly on them sitting on top of a blue napkin next to some strawberries
Pepperoni Pizza Stackers! | Ritz Fresh Stacks Crackers
there is a plate full of food with toothpicks in the shape of sandwiches
RITZ Pastrami and Corned Beef Mini Sandwich, created by Carnegie Deli
This Mini Pastrami & Corned Beef from Carnegie Deli is the perfect one bite sandwich. Make it yourself!
two trays filled with different types of food and the words ritz pushcart hot dog bites
RITZ Push-Cart Hot Dog Bites
Hot Dog Pushcart Bites with RITZ crackers make for an adorable and New York worthy snack. Use mustard and ketchup as dipping sauces!
small appetizers with meat and cheese on them are sitting on a cookie sheet
These cheesesteak cracker "sliders" make ideal appetizers to serve on game day! Cook vegetables in a skillet and mix them with shredded beef. Add melted cheese for extra flavor and place on a RITZ Roasted Vegetable cracker.
a red plate topped with mini crackers covered in cheese and toppings next to a football
An easy tailgate snack: top your RITZ cracker with 1 cup of cherry tomatoes and 1 cup of fresh mozzarella while you cheer for Ohio State on game day this weekend!
a pepperoni and cheese pizza in a glass dish with slices of bread on the side
Pizza Dip
Hosting a party for the next football game? This Pizza Dip from Closet Cooking is a clear and cheesy winner.
two green trays filled with food sitting on top of a table next to plates
Melt cheddar cheese on a RITZ cracker and top with a slice of jalapeño! They're the ideal tailgate treat to snack on while you root for Oregon University this weekend.
the mexican dip recipe is ready to be eaten and put on plates with chips for dipping
Seven-Point Spread
Add a little spice to football Sunday with this RITZ cracker Mexican Dip. Spread cream cheese onto the bottom of a bowl, topping with layers of peppers, chicken, and shredded cheese. Microwave until cheese is melted, then add additional layers of sour cream, salsa, and onions. Serve with your favorite RITZ crackers and score big with your friends!
there are several pictures of food being made on the stove top, including pita bread and jalapeno poppers
Jalapeño Popper RITZwich
There is nothing like a Jalapeño Popper RITZwich to snack on during the Big Game! With cream cheese, melted shredded cheese, a slice of jalapeño and a final RITZ Cracker, you've got just the heat your team needs to come out on top!
chocolate - caramel fizzen cookies are being made in the shape of hotdogs
Chocolate-Caramel RITZwich
Serve up our Chocolate-Caramel RITZwiches at your football party to make each touchdown that much sweeter! Place chocolate-covered caramels onto RITZ Crackers and melt them slightly in the oven. Cover with a final RITZ Cracker and enjoy these delectable delights!
an assortment of appetizers and crackers on a wooden board with text overlay
RITZ Kickin' Buffalo Chicken Toppers
Without RITZ Kickin' Buffalo Chicken Bites, a football game just isn't the same. Coat pre-cooked popcorn chicken pieces in buffalo sauce and place onto each RITZ Cracker. Top with bleu cheese and celery, and enjoy the fiesta in every bite!
bacon cheese and jelly pancakes are ready to be served on the grill or in the oven
Mozartkugel | Mirabell | Service
Kickoff the Big Game party with RITZ Bacon-Wrapped Cheeseburgers and really get the competitive juices flowing! Cook up some mini beef patties, top with a slice of cheese and another RITZ Cracker. Wrap a strip of cooked bacon around it and finish it off with a pickle slice and ketchup and you've got a high-five worthy treat!
there are pictures of sandwiches with cheese and pickles on them
Crank up the heat at your Big Game party with some RITZ Tostadas. Top RITZ Crackers with lettuce, refried beans, cheese dip and jalapeños. ¡Ay, caramba!
there are many different pictures of food on the table and in front of each other
Serve up an American favorite at your football party with Cheese Steak RITZwiches. Cook onions, green peppers and thinly sliced beef steak in a skillet and place on RITZ Crackers. Top it off with Easy Cheese, and you've got a snack touchdown.