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an old fashioned radio sitting on top of a white shelf next to two speakers and a cd player
nostalgia ultra
an advertisement for sony is shown on the side of a white wall with a black and blue tape dispenser
an old sony stereo system sitting on top of a pink tablecloth with the words sony above it
Самые громкие провалы в истории потребительской AV-электроники [перевод]
an advertisement for sony's disc deck 600r and other electronic equipment in japan
an ad for sony's television remote control system from the early 1990s, with advertisements in spanish and english
an advertisement for the sony electronics company, with three different types of electronic equipment in it
the sony headphones are orange and have microphones attached to them with black wire
Rewind the 80's-90's
an advertisement for sony with various cassettes in japanese language and english characters on the front
オーディオテープ 1984年10月 | ソニー坊やと呼ばれた男
an instruction manual for the sony stereo system
オーディオコンポーネント 1984年5月 | ソニー坊やと呼ばれた男