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an advertisement for the lightroom presents ocean filter, which features photos and text on it
Ocean preset
an advertisement for rain day before and after photoshopped onto the image with text
iPhone camera roll photo filter edit
two different pictures of a woman with long hair and wearing ear clips in front of her face
three different pictures with the same dog in them and text that reads ocean, filter m5 - 6 exposure 2 highlights + 4 shadow + 2
Preset VSCO
an iphone screen with the text,'haunted elevator vibes'and other information on it
Have fun with this filter✌️
a woman in a dress standing next to a wall with text on it that says how to make ur pics have a effect
an image of a camera roll with instructions
the text reads, notes pastel highlights - 60 shadows 80 contrast 50 vibrance 40 tint
an advertisement for outerbanks app showing the camera roll
a poster with the words vhs camera editt on it and pictures in different colors
VHS Camera Edit
Exposure, Editing Inspiration, Photoshop Filters
Fantasy Filter🔮💖👌💕
the polaroid filter is displayed in this screenshot