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people are standing on the rocks near some green water in an area that looks like it is
great place to be I guess
an assortment of food is laid out on a white surface, including bread, lettuce, and other items
Food as art by Maren-Anita (
there are many different types of fruit in the store together, including grapes and oranges
a woman standing next to a statue in a room
wie kommt da bloß ein grüner Balken rein?
an orange fire hydrant sitting in front of a green wall covered with leaves and plants
von der Natur "gemalt"
a street sign covered in green plants next to a red fire hydrant on the sidewalk
green wall in London
a bike is chained to a tree in the grass
Kunst am Rad? Gesehen in Straßburg
the wall is green and has a black object on it
streetart inside a house in Berlin (look especially at the socket outlet) ;o)
a woman with yellow hair holding a pair of scissors
Crazy Colors - Fashion Photography by Jamie Nelson - AmO Images: Capturing the Beauty of Life - AmO Images: Capturing the Beauty of Life on imgfave
yellow --- und wie
an old building with graffiti on the side
not much graffiti in Havanna - but still a little spot of yellow
a close up of a flower in a pot on a table with a white wall behind it
topic yellow - I can't believe, that this plant made it to such a beauty, with nearly no soil and water only now and then
a city street with cars parked on both sides and tall buildings in the back ground
West Nineteenth Street (Yellow Dress) by Joseph O. Holmes, topic yellow - good example
blurry photograph of a yellow object in the background
yellow and fast ;o)
a yellow and white vase with flowers in it
ceramic on Tumblr
from Matt Wedel - unbelievable, this is made of ceramics!