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a person's hand holding a pen and writing on an open book next to a pair of scissors
there are many crafting items on the table together, such as cards and scissors
someone holding up a book with stickers on it that says june in gold lettering
Junk journal scrapbooking stamp stamps collection smash journal collage vintage mixed media retro aesthetic Retro, Summer Journal, Bullet Journal Writing, Scrapbook Journal
Stamp collection ig: @martinamartian
an open book with pictures on it sitting next to a potted plant and pencils
someone is holding an open book with pictures on it
a woman's hand is on top of an open book with pictures and magnets
Martina Calvi (@martinamartian) • Instagram photos and videos
a person sitting at a table with an open book and various stamps on it, next to a cup of coffee
an open book with hearts cut out of it sitting on a bed covered in floral fabric
a bunch of different colored smiley faces with words written on the front and side of them
life is good