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a sewing machine with music notes on it's side and the needle pointing up
Duftende Papiersterne
some cookies are wrapped in red and white paper
DIY Christmas Treat Holder: Santa Cup - Consumer Crafts
six red and white santa hats with silverware on them
jollylife 38Ct Christmas Santa Hats Silverware Holders - Xmas Party Dinner Table Dinnerware Decorations Supplies Flatware Decor
a cake with candles on it and the number twenty five in front of it, sitting on a table
Ey, voll konkreter DIY-Blitz(zement)-„Adventskranz“
two white candles sitting next to each other on top of a christmas wreath with star decorations
Erst eins, dann...
two small objects sitting on top of each other near some white feathers and christmas decorations
DIY-Engel aus Beton - als Schutzengel oder Weihnachtsdeko » BASTELRADO
an ornament made to look like a cupcake with gold foil on it
four christmas angel ornaments hanging on a towel
several pictures of different items made from fabric and felt, including an angel ornament
DIY Christmas Fabric Angel Ornament Free Sewing Patterns | Fabric Art DIY
three white candles with christmas lights on them
a christmas tree made out of wood with pink roses on it
an angel ornament on top of a green christmas tree with white balls and lights
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