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Trump’s Interview With Jonathan Swan Results In Hilarious Jokes (30 Pics)
a man is looking at a map with two red arrows pointing to the same direction
Confused Flat Earthers
a man in yellow shirt and black shorts running with text that reads, when the bleach says 72 hours but you chug it down in 69 seconds
Picture memes fvqQwidq6: 6 comments — iFunny
someone is swimming in the water with a shark
not gonna lie, 19 and this is still in the back of my mind - FunSubstance
an old man with glasses and a tank top saying, did you know? girls usually can't maintain eye contact with the person they love
I don’t like how accurate these dating memes are…(32 Photos)
some people that are standing in front of a table and one has an apron on
Reality is often disappointing