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an empty parking garage with graffiti on the walls and floor, along with a hand painted pedestrian sign
RUN......Glasgow, Tunnel under the River Clyde.
Glasgow, Tunnel under the River Clyde. | by Neo7Geo
a man standing on the bow of a boat at night with another person in the background
M7 LWIR Long Range stabilized HD PTZ FLIR Thermal Imaging camera
several cars parked in a parking lot at night
Custom Long Range PTZ MWIR LWIR Thermal FLIR Imaging Infrared Cameras, night vision, low light sensors, tactical lasers and military scopes, goggles & sights
This is a white hot thermal image taken with the M1D FLIR UAV camera. You can easily identify humans in your field of view. Notice the residual heat from the automotive engines. #FLIR #thermalimaging From SPI Corp,
36 Days Of Type 2019
36 Days Of Type 2019 on Behance
some type of font and numbers that can be used to spell out the letters in different ways
How to Design Halftone Text in Photoshop
an abstract blue and white poster with the words infrastruct on it
Projet Meteor / Série d'affiches
an abstract black and white poster with wavy lines on the bottom half of it,
No10. An ode to the Legendary Football Players
Dimitris Papazoglou on Behance
the letter m is made up of halftoned black and white dots on a white background
Alt. (Visual Reference Only)
an orange fish floating in the water on top of a black and white background with dots
a person holding up a green leaf in the shape of a man's body
ICONS — 2021
ICONS — 2021 on Behance