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the inside of a tall tower with many different things in it's center section
Condo at the End of the World
apocalypse bunker made from a former missile-silo, these could be a good idea, purchase them around the country if your a millionaire and have nice rest points for you travels during the z end of days lol
a white refrigerator freezer sitting inside of a kitchen is a custom short domain
Voici aujourd’hui un appartement bourré de charme…Joliment décoré, il respire la fraicheur des intérieurs nordiques. Lumineux, son espace principal invite à l’é
the house is lit up at night and has stairs leading to the upper level balcony
Lake Front Cottage with a Stunning Staircase
The favorite thing about our house, I love 3 story houses with stairs leading up the the front door. I love this designs. <3