Drei Freunde

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four pictures of pigs in different colors and sizes, each with their own face drawn on them
15 Ideas for a Preschool Farm Theme
some pig decorations hanging from the ceiling in a room with many other items on it
Drei Freunde Laternen
some sticky notes are hanging on the wall next to each other with different shapes and sizes
Drei Freunde zeichnen
a plastic container filled with dirt covered in fake farm animals and pigs on top of it
50 Sensory Bin Ideas | Activities For Children | Sensory Activities
two children playing with toys in a play area
It's Farm Week in Preschool!
four children playing in the ground with straw
an orange cat made out of construction paper next to other crafting items on a blue surface
[Kinderspiel selbst gebastelt] Fang die Maus ✌
a rock shaped like a mouse sitting on top of a white cloth covered bed sheet
Mäuse basteln
two paper mouses with eyes and ears tied together
the numbers for mice to be colored in
The Mailbox
there is a child playing with fake animals on the table and in front of them
Druckvorlagen: Was Tiere fressen Chez Mama Poule
several pink pigs are in baskets with straw