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a diagram showing the different types of project plans and their corresponding components for each project
The A3 Report - Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department
A3 probleem oplossing
a diagram showing the steps to different levels of learning and performance in an organization's work
shingo levels of lean transformation - Google Search
a table with the words sipoc and other things to describe in each language, including numbers
Creating a SIPOC in the Define phase. A high-level process map.
Example of a SIPOC
a circular diagram with the words operational excellence and key steps to successful innovation in it
Practical Solutions for the Lean Enterprise
Operational Excellence
a poster with diagrams and instructions on how to use structured problem solver for problem
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a poster with many different symbols and instructions for problem solver, problem solver
Structured problem solving process Source: #problemsolving #description #understanding #observation #identification #cause #goal #implementation #evaluation #change #process #procedure #guidance #analysis #facts #collection #organization #data #comparison #action #solve #validation #solution #decision #determination #focus #guidance #screen #attention #narrowingitdown #strategy
a diagram with the words guide to making an a3
Guide to Making an A3
an image of a diagram with the names and numbers for each project, including several different types
Six Sigma For Dummies Cheat Sheet
Six Sigma For Dummies Cheat Sheet - For Dummies
a table with some words on it and the names of different things in each language
Self Defense and Personal Protection Products and Gear
PDCA Plan Do Check Act is a method to help correct performance and bring you to your goals
the 5 w and 1 of kazen question cards are shown in this graphic diagram
the four quadrants are labeled in black and white, with words on each side
First thing's first - what is urgent?
four quadrants with different types of information
Covey's Quadrant
Stephen R. Covey's time management matrix separates Urgent vs Important tasks via 4 Quadrants. A productive worker should focus more on Quadrant I and II.
three circles with words in the middle and below them, which are connected to each other
Leadership Strategies: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet You Must Have
a wheel diagram with the words problem, problem and solution written in black on it
Occam’s Razor: The simplest solution is always the best
Occam’s Razor: The simplest solution is always the best » Interaction Design Foundation