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an elf is sitting on top of a coffee maker with a drink in his hand
Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Kids - VP of STYLE
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Elf ideas
a glass jar with an elf on it next to a sign that says dad faced i'm hiding from the smell it's safe in here
95 NEW & Easy Elf on the Shelf Idea You Haven't Tried Before
an elf is playing tic - tac on the table next to some books
Elf Burrito
an elf is sitting on top of a toilet
an elf with tape around his body and hand holding a sign that says, don't play with tape this stuff is sticky
an elf is sitting on top of a toilet paper roll that says,'single bells your pop smells '
Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Kids - HubPages
an elf holding a sign that says baby on the shelf
the 25 bible verses to count down to christmas day
Bible Verse Advent Countdown for Kids - FREE Printable! - Happy Home Fairy
25 Bible Verses to countdown to Christmas with kids! Each card is written with a short and simple verse from the Christmas story about Jesus' birth! Perfect for Advent calendars or for your Elf on the Shelf to deliver each day!!!
an elf is sitting on the toilet in front of several rolls of toilet paper with faces
a roll of toilet paper with writing on it sitting on the floor next to a pair of scissors
23 Elf on the Shelf Ideas That'll Keep Your Kids on the Nice List
The Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Have it leave a fun countdown reminder down the hallway!
the elf on the shelf printable arrival letter is shown in red and green colors