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Préstame, Madre En 2020 | Oraciones, Oraciones


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Jogo " Campo Minado " , trabalha memória, coordenação motora , equilíbrio ( educação infantil )
three yellow bags with blue paper on them and the words new testament written on them
Old and New Testament Books of the Bible - (easy!) Sorting Game. Using 2 bags - label one Old Testament and the other New Testament. Add cards that have the names of the books of the Bible. It is a great introduction for new drillers and younger children who are beginning to learn their books of the Bible.
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an image of the back side of a paper with words in spanish and english on it
Biblia Dinámica | Actividades para la Escuela Sabática Joven | 2do Trimestre 2019
an advertisement for the club de averendors in spanish and english, with a cartoon character holding a large metal scissors
a stack of paper cups with the words 99 books written on them in different languages
2 More Ways to Learn the Books of the Bible