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many different rocks and stones are arranged together
Arte con rocas
an image of a candle that is in the middle of rocks with faces on it
Freundeskreis #freunde #freundefürsleben #familie #freunden #stoneart #stone…
three different pictures of the same wall hangings with flowers and train cars on them
a paper bag with some little felt dolls on it's front and sides, hanging from a string
.: Kentikelenis :. - Βιβλία Κατασκευών - Έξυπνες κατασκευές για Όλο το Χρόνο - Σειρά 8
three different pictures of people made out of clay and paper machs, one with a man's head in the middle
7 Creative Ways To Paint Rocks
DIY Rock People
three pictures of different houses and boats on display
Michela Bufalini
there are many colorful objects on the wall
serie ARROCCATI - Bufalini/pebbleart
a circle made out of rocks sitting in the sand
Pebbles, Shingles, Rocks, Stone, Gravel, Grit
lined stones
some rocks are arranged in the shape of a dog's paw on top of a wooden
Follow the Leader by Iain Blake / 500px
Wouldn't these be cute in a garden with grandkids names on them.
white rocks arranged in the shape of a spiral on top of a dirt ground with gravel around it
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
A 10-dollar bag of white river rock from Home Depot and a little elbow grease should do the trick...