bicycle fork

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the spokes on this bicycle are very close to the wheel's hubs
BTR leaf spring build
an old bicycle with red rims and spokes is parked in the grass outside
the bike frame is black and has two forks on it's headrests
Leaf Spring Front Fork
an old bicycle is parked in front of a building
a black and gold hair clipper with two blades on the top of it's blade
an old bicycle is sitting in the grass
A custom springer
some examples of modern spring forks from the early 1900's, with instructions for them
a close up of a bike parked against a wall
two metal parts sitting on top of a blue blanket
【新商品】フロントフォークのご紹介 - コーンブログ
an image of a bike frame being worked on in a garage with tools around it
How to make a Springer with Josh Allison