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the reflection of different types of boats in water
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Pencil shavings. This would be fun for the kids to try! More examples on the site.
three sailboats floating in the ocean on a blue sky with stars and moon above them
karla gerard art
<3 Karla Gerard
the instructions for how to draw a cartoon dog
a drawing of a city with buildings and sun in the sky, on white paper
3e année - Couleurs chaudes et froides
four trees painted on different colored papers
bookmarks series 2 by DawnstarW on DeviantArt
Were origonally watercolour paper and watercolour paint with pen and ink trees. But could use as inspiration for an art lesson - tissue paper? Not tried yet so you on your own, folks.
paper cut out cats sitting on top of a red box with black and white designs
Naše kočky v 5.B
a painting of houses and a tree on a hill
a drawing of a flower in the water
3D Flower
the green and blue striped shirt is folded up
Lines forming a three-dimensional tree
Lines forming a three-dimensional tree
several images of different patterns and colors on paper
Our students did this in art class. The final product seriously played tricks on my eyes. Very cool!
an image of colorful fish in the ocean on a blue background with white trimmings
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Pescado (hand painted canvases) Product No: 24226 Supplier Code: LB-90 Designer/Artist: Laurel Burch Our Price: $ 170.00 SALE PRICE: $ 144.50 - (SAVE 15 %) 9x16 18M