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an image of a black background with flowers and circles on the bottom right hand corner
Smari Cretan Honey
three different bottles with designs on them, one in gold and the other in purple
Creative Packaging Design Inspiration
a jar of honey with a black lid on a white background, that says i love you honey
ILOVEYOUHONEY – Auf einen Blick.
honey background with dripping honeycombs
Aguarela de favo de mel e abelhas | Vetor Premium
three jars of honey sitting next to each other
Rare & exotic honey label needed| concursos de Etiquetas de producto
six jars with different labels on them and some flowers in the bottom one is labeled balm
two jars of honey on a reflective surface with the words road valley gold award in front of them
Pentawards 2015包装设计大奖获奖作品(3) - 设计之家