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a tree that is in front of a house with the caption saying it's not
A couple months ago, reddit taught me that newlyweds used to plant sycamore trees on both sides the walkway leading to their house, then join them together to symbolize two becoming one. Today I saw it for the first time. - iFunny
a bunch of different colored circles in the middle of a black background with text that reads, 48 different colors of the moon, all photographs in a time span of 10 years
ON @konstructivizm 48 different colors of the moon, all photographed in time span of 10 years - iFunny
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the different types of bees and their names
Nestiny Funiversity - [INFOGRAPHIC] Friend or foe... What's the buzz about bees?
an artist's rendering of a castle with several stories on the front and sides
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Five ways to tied rolling swivel, which one U like