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a knitted headband with a knot on the side and text that reads,
Strickanleitung: Stirnband mit TWIST stricken |
the diagram shows how to make an odd shape with squares and circles in each square
Wellenmuster-3 - Kostenlose Strickmuster
Wellenmuster-3 - Kostenlose Strickmuster
a crocheted blue blanket with waves on it
Wellenmuster-3 - Kostenlose Strickmuster
a woman standing next to a drawing of a dress and hat with the pattern on it
Molde Vistido Transpassado De Malha Tamanho 46 . Fair Dress Template 702
a piece of fabric that is laying on top of a wooden surface, with an arrow in the middle
Pixie Medallion: Sewing The Center Star
the instructions for how to make origami
Oriland Store - Books
two pieces of paper work on top of each other, one with different colors and shapes
Starz -- in progress
the bed is made up with black and red squares
an image of a cross stitch pattern with lines in the shape of flowers and leaves
Curved Lines using a Walking Foot - Quilting
a quilted table runner on top of a wooden dining room table with chairs in the background
several pieces of paper are laid out on a table
Teeny Tiny Paper Piecing
Mama Spark's World: Teeny Tiny Paper Piecing