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a figurine of a man dressed in blue and gold with a flag on his head
Alfiere di un reggimento granatieri della guardia imperiale francese
Miniatures, Napoleonic Infantry, Imperial Army, Titanic, Samurai Gear
a toy figurine is standing in the snow
Models, Napoleonic Miniatures, Building Painting, Trumpeter, Model Building
Moson Show 2022
a statue of a man riding on the back of a horse in front of a brown background
Gallery 54mm
Gallery 54mm
Moscow, Military Diorama, Mini Paintings, Figure Painting
a figurine of a man with two dogs on his back and one dog standing behind him
a figurine of two men on horseback with a flag
English knight and wounded archer. by Julia Moshura · Putty&Paint
two figurines are sitting on top of a boat in the water and one is holding a rope
U-Boat Crew by yong min kim · Putty&Paint
the toy soldiers are riding on horses
Royal Scots Greys