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the before and after pictures of shipping containers
Shipping containers transformed into luxurious dream houses
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would you live in Container Home?
two pictures showing the inside and outside of a shipping container house, one with an open door
three red shipping containers sitting on top of a wooden deck in front of tall buildings
URBANTAINER extends the national theater company of korea with modulated red shipping containers
a yellow and black structure sitting in the middle of a parking lot
KOMA MODULAR at Designblok 2016
KOMA MODULAR at Designblok 2016 - KOMA MODULAR (en)
an artist's rendering of a building with lots of black and white stripes on the ground
Торговый центр "Box City" | Бизнес Бокс - некапитальные здания любой сложности
Торговый центр «Box City» — Бизнес Бокс
an overhead view of a box park restaurant
16 Inspiring Shipping Container Homes of All Shapes and Sizes
the stationery is laid out neatly on top of each other, including envelopes and business cards
QORE Brand Identity, Website & Collateral Design | TRÜF
QORE Brand Identity, Website & Collateral Design | TRÜF
a small coffee shop with stools and tables next to the stairs that lead up to it
Container Cafe - 3D Model by yurry