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the 5 worst american states to be in during a collapse by urban survival site book cover
5 Worst American States To Be In During a Collapse
While it's true that a natural disaster could claim thousands of lives instantly, it's what happens after an apocalyptic disaster that would cause most of the deaths. With communications, food, water, and other necessities all cut off instantly, starvation, dehydration, and people killing one another for basic necessities are what would claim the most lives. Nowhere in the United States is going to be truly safe but some states will certainly be less safe than others.
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Start an Amazing Home Apothecary with These 22 Must-Have Herbs and Tools
Survival Prepping, Survival Techniques, Survival Food
65 Pieces of Survival Wisdom From the Great Depression - Survival Mom
how to build a flower pot heater with lights in the bottom, and below
Inexpensive DIY Flower Pot Heater - Your Projects@OBN
a camera with the words how to build a tin can antenna
35 Cool DIY Gadgets You Can Make To Impress Your Friends
DIY Gadgets - Tin Can Wifi Antenna - Homemade Gadget Ideas and Projects for Men, Women, Teens and Kids - Steampunk Inventions, How To Build Easy Electronics, Cool Spy Gear and Do It Yourself Tech Toys
the instructions for building a brick rocket stove are shown in three different pictures, and there is
DIY Brick Rocket Stove: Easy and Affordable Project - Simple Family Preparedness
Mom with a PREP - Building a Brick Rocket Stove for your backyard gives you an alterntaive cooking source just in case. This is a quick and easy project to do this weekend!
there are many different items that can be found in this article
100 Survival Items You Forgot To Buy
Videos, Hacks, Tips, Real Life, Prepping, Kit, Survival, Manualidades, Family
26 Kick-Ass DIY Weapons for Your Survival
how to make a candle that last's 100 hours
How To Make A Candle That Lasts 100 Hours
a woman sitting on the ground holding a brown paper bag with text overlay that reads 40 + need to know skills just in case
40+ New Skills to Learn Today!
Shtf Preparedness
30 Basic Skills You'll Have To Learn After The Collapse
some items that almost never go bad in the grocery store, including bread and other things
22 Household Items and Foods That Don't Expire
an outdoor fire pit made out of cinder blocks with the words 13 diy stove tutors for urban preppers
13 DIY Emergency Stove Tutorials
Here's how to DIY your own emergency oil lamp out of basic materials, and using a variety of substances as lamp oil. #DIY #oil #lamp Lights, Upcycling, Diy Emergency Candles, Oil Lamps, Diy Oils
DIY Oil Lamp for Emergency Lighting - Modern Survival Online
Here's how to DIY your own emergency oil lamp out of basic materials, and using a variety of substances as lamp oil. #DIY #oil #lamp
some crackers on top of a cutting board with the words 9 survival recipes that are easy to make
9 Survival Recipes That Are Easy To Make
Here are some survival recipes that are nutritious, easy to make, and have a long shelf life. Hardtack, pemmican, jerky, bitlong, bannock, peasant bread, and more. #survival #recipes #survivalrecipes #survivalfood #offgridrecipes