Week 2 - Chicka Chicka Boom Boom/ P for Palm

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a tray that has some letters and a palm tree on it in the shape of letters
Chicka Chicka ABCs
some pink balls with black pirate hats on them sitting next to a roll of toilet paper
Pirate play in the Tuff Tray
a blue cat mask with a toothpick sticking out of it
Pete the Cat Party - Library Learners
a pizza paper plate craft activity for kids
SO fun! Make Pizzas from Paper Plates Kid Craft!
a piece of paper cut out to look like a person holding a sign that says i am a peacemaker
Little of This & That & Cute Ideas!
a pink paper animal alphabet book with the letter p on it's front cover
Preschool Alphabet Book - From ABCs to ACTs
a hand print with the words p is for pineapple
ALEXISTOGEL - Situs Toto Online Hadiah Terbesar
two children's puzzles are on the floor next to each other, with letters and numbers in them
FREE list: 200+ Materials for Preschool Letter Activities and Collages
a paper cut out of a cat with the word pete on it
Letter P Pete the Cat Craft