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i'm not having a glass of wine i'm having six it's called a tasting and it's classy
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Keepin it classy!
an image of a phone screen with the text'a meal without wine is called breakfast '
Luister niet naar de snobs, dit zijn de vijf dingen die je echt moet weten over wijn - Newsmonkey
a glass of wine with the words tonight's forecast 99 % chance of wine
30 Must-Read Funny Quotes for Wine Time I just need…1,000 more corks. Yep, going to be a great project. Okay, sure, but how much? Yes to both. Especially the money, because then I can buy wine. It’s a reflection of who I really am. Just to be safe, you know. It could be … #winetime
the words should we drink wine tonight? a / yes b / a c / b
All of the above! #winespo More
the words people disapport, champagne never written in white on a gray background
We deliver Champagne all over Switzerland. Our champagne never disappoints ...
two glasses of wine are next to each other with faces drawn on them, and the words you seem very bitter and you look alike
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