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three elephants are walking in the grass with one elephant reaching for something on its trunk
Sketching from the Imagination: Varun Nair
a man sitting on top of a chair next to a pile of garbage and an electric pole
Sandwich maker!, Amin Faramarzian
a drawing book with instructions for how to draw chairs and rectangles in spanish
BLOOCHIKIN — I know its a strange ask but could you possibly do...
an info sheet describing how to draw the human figure in different ways, including lines and shapes
Posing, Silhouette, and Line of Action References
some cartoon character poses and expressions for the animated movie's character model sheet, which includes
Animoon, Rayner Alencar
children playing in the rain with umbrellas and other things to do on a rainy day
a man holding an ice cream cone standing next to a little boy with an umbrella
Illustrations 2017
an image of some cartoon faces with different facial expressions and haircuts on them
Face Expressions Sketch
an image of children fishing in the water with color pencils and markers on paper