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an old book with some different colored samples on top of it and the same color swatches
Fredrik Söderberg
Fredrik Söderberg
an image of yellow and white paint on paper with different shapes, sizes and colors
QoR Mini Watercolor Half Pan Set
The solid half pans of color within QoR mini re-wet beautifully and deliver the lively painting performance artists expect. The deep, rich, beautiful color of QoR with its exclusive Aquazol binder provides more pigment in every brushstroke, while retaining the best qualities of traditional watercolors. Strength, versatility, and now convenience and mobility are part of the QoR story. QoR mini fits 12 half pan watercolors in a tin smaller than an index card. It fits perfectly in pocket or purse f
an abstract painting with blue and black colors
Qor Watercolor - Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)
an image of three different colored objects in the shape of cactuses and succulents
Totem no. 12 by Michelle Armas | Hillary Whitaker Gallery
an old book with some drawings and words on the front page, including pictures of flowers
Home Sewing Tips from the 1920s - Lovely Silk Dahlias!