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a record with flowers painted on it sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a wall
a white wall covered in lots of different colored stickers
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Ig:nelireyes17_ Canvas Art, Cd Decor, Cds, Cd Art Aesthetic Wall, Cd Art, Cd Diy
Decoración con discos ❤️✨🦋
Discos cool para tu cuarto ❤️✨
some cartoon characters are grouped together in circles
Ideias Decoração de Festa - Hora da Aventura (PNG)
a bunch of donuts that are on a tiled floor
Painting Cds:)
a wooden stand with neon green and black monster prints on it, in front of some art supplies
there are many different designs and shapes on the table top, but one is missing
an old record that has been painted with different colors
Painted vinyl rainbow drip themed Super aesthetic... - Depop
a hand holding up a black and white cow print disc
a person holding up a paper plate with lemons on it