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a pen and paper with writing on it next to a bottle of water, two pens
#Yeraldigift Frasquito para regalar #Yeraldicraft
a piece of paper with writing on it next to a sign that says, i love you
Cute Boyfriend Gifts AB1
a brown teddy bear holding a pink heart in it's paws with the words i love you on it
Cartita para dedicar<3
an open notebook with writing in spanish and english on the page is decorated with pink flowers
a pink background with the words hello kitty written in english and spanish on it, along with two strawberrys
♡ Wii, Humour, My Only Love, Romance, Love You
carta de amor ♡
una carta de amor #love
a cat with its paws on the back of it's head, in front of a
te amo mucho<3
a poster with cats and an umbrella on it's back cover that says te amo
an image of two cats with hearts in the background and text that says, me encanta como relamentoe me
Love Messages