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a white piece of paper with words written on it and an image of a cat
Keep the magic alive LOL!
an image of a man with headphones on saying when i say have a nice day, remember that the tucker's silent
Funny Workplace Memes & Ecards | Someecards
Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: When I say "Have a nice day". Remember that the "fucker" is silent. Create and send your own custom Workplace ecard.
Little voices... Funny Signs, Funny Quotes For Friends, Quotes For Friends, It's Funny, Sarcastic Quotes Funny
Little voices...
a woman talking on the phone in front of a pink background with black and white text
a man sitting at a desk with his head in his hands and the words dear lord, please for me, for i have already planned out my sins for the weekend
Funny Confession Memes & Ecards | Someecards
a black and white photo of a man holding a guitar giving the peace sign with his fingers
Johnny Cash Giving The Finger Singer Country Music Photo Vintage Poster
a comic strip with two people sleeping in bed and the text, a short guide on how to sleep in summer
LOL Pix funny pics
Summers in Las Vegas
So glad I'm not alone on this!!! Humorous Quotes, Funny Sayings, Teen Posts, Teenager Posts, The Boogeyman, Clip Video, Relatable Post
So glad I'm not alone on this!!!
a woman holding a phone with the caption, i just reached that all my pinterest boards can be returned into a single wish list
Funny Confession Memes & Ecards | Someecards
It's funny because it's true.
two pictures with the same caption for each one
Booya! 90s-Themed Someecards