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a poster with some plants on it and the words troubleshooting pasture problems for better grazing
Pasture Guru Sarah Flack Shares How to Grow a Better, Greener Pasture - Modern Farmer
a vineyard with rows of trees in the foreground
Sponsored: Adapt Sustainable Vineyard Practices in Your Garden - Modern Farmer
Wine growers and winemakers have been practicing sustainable farming for decades. Today many of these practices make a natural transition to the home garden. Here are some tips for how you can move towards a more sustainable garden!
a man is shoveling dirt into a wheelbarrow
Plants Need a Little Vigor? How to Choose a Good Fertilizer - Modern Farmer
Here is your guide to picking the perfect fertilizer to keep your plants healthy and happy!
several chickens in a chicken coop on the grass
Chicken Tractor 101: What It Is & the Basics of Building One - Modern Farmer
The epitome of a low-tech agriculture solution, these coops on wheels give your birds constant access to fresh food, while fertilizing the soil and controlling pests.
a herd of cattle standing on top of a lush green field next to a barbed wire fence
5 Ways to Keep Livestock Cool - Modern Farmer
Unfortunately, livestock do not have the privilege of AC at any hour of the day. Here are some nifty hacks to keep your animals cool and comfortable during these hot summer days.
two cell phones and an ipad with food images on them, both displaying the same page
Social Media for Farmers 101 - Modern Farmer
Follow these easy steps to become a farm social media maven in no time. With a few smart tactics and a little effort, you can grow an online presence that feels organic and authentic (and reaps major returns).
two images show the same object in different ways
How to Mark Perfect Crop Rows - Modern Farmer
If you want to be able to boast about your flawless crop rows, follow these four simple steps to set your veggies straight.
a man with a chainsaw in his hand and an ear muffs on his head
How to Fell a Tree - Modern Farmer
How to fell a tree -- the right (and safe) way.
four men are digging in the ground with shovels
How to Build a Bio-Swale (and Why You Should Want To!) - Modern Farmer
How to build a bio-swale (and why you should want to!)
a chicken is standing in the corner of a room
How to Build a Chicken Coop - Modern Farmer
By six weeks of age, your baby chicks need something more than a cardboard box to live in. Here's how to build a chicken coop.
a wooden spoon filled with wheat on top of a table
How to Grow and Harvest Grains in Your Backyard - Modern Farmer
How to Grow and Harvest Grains in Your Backyard
Here's how to chop wood. (There is some science behind it!) Camping, Design, Wood Stove, Wood Images, Firewood, Open Fire Cooking, Lumberjack
How to Chop Wood - Modern Farmer
Here's how to chop wood. (There is some science behind it!)
an open field with houses in the distance and clouds above it on a sunny day
How to Build a Farm Pond - Modern Farmer
How to build a farm pond on your land.