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a person is digging in the grass with their hands
How to Read Your Weeds
Dreading the ocean of oxalis taking over your lettuce bed? How about that crabgrass creeping through the potato patch? You should really get out there and pull those invaders, but before you do, give yourself a break and dive into the weird world of weed analysis.
the stairs are overgrown with weeds and weeds on both sides of the building, along with other vegetation
Growing Hops in Abandoned Lots? Pittsburgh Will Drink To That - Modern Farmer
Abandoned lots in Pittsburgh are now growing hops used to make truly local brews. Why not make the most out of these otherwise neglected locations?
an outdoor garden with various types of vegetables and plants growing in the planter boxes
Take a Tour of the UN's Small-Scale and Diverse Food Gardens - Modern Farmer
Check out one of the most diverse gardens around, the UN Food Garden! Volunteer UN employees grow a global selection of fruits and vegetables in the middle of New York City.
a small greenhouse in the grass next to a house
Inside Kurt Timmermeister's Seattle Dairy Farm and Home - Modern Farmer
The glass greenhouse, assembled from a kit, gives Kurt Timmermeister from Kurtwood Farms a jump on the season.
an aerial view of a vegetable garden in the middle of a grassy area with trees and bushes
Inside Kurt Timmermeister's Seattle Dairy Farm and Home - Modern Farmer
Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries grow in poured concrete raised beds at Kurtwood Farms. A drip-irrigation system delivers water to each of the 28 planting areas.