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a woman's leg with a tree tattoo on the bottom half of her arm
Tree tattoo designs collection
This is way too big but kinda the style in which i'd want a tree tattoo, but with the word "trust" molded in the roots. #tree #tattoo tree tattoo
a person's arm with a tattoo on it that has trees growing out of it
I kind of want something like this. Only reverse. #tattoo #tree Cool without the birds though.
a woman's hand with henna tattoos on it
beautiful indian brides: Henna -by:Maple Henna
a woman's hand with hennap and flowers painted on the palm area
Beautiful Latest Henna Designs for Back of Hand
two hands with henna tattoos on them
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Henna hands by BarakKhazad, via Flickr ~love delicate lines in this work~would be a lovely Bride~
a henna tattoo on someone's hand
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henna! such a lovely art! have always wanted to have my hands and feet done