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a woman in a blue dress holding an umbrella with snow falling on her and trees behind her
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This is my second life, I'll live as I please
인생 2 회차, 내 뜻대로 살겠습니다
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About Your Pride and My Prejudice
“I don’t love you anymore.” It had been 10 years since I became an extra in a classic romance novel. Having a very shy and quiet personality, I was suffering from a terrible unrequited love. Allan Leopold. He was the successor of the kingdom’s top businessman and the best lover candidate of all. The whole kingdom praised Allan’s beauty, and he didn’t even know I existed. Nevertheless, I couldn’t dare to approach the dazzling man, so I just looked at him. Shining black hair, jewel-like eyes, a
a woman with long white hair and blue eyes
Natalie Bernard on Instagram: “I recently finished this portrait for @authorsmgaither of Casia from her series #shadowsandcrowns So excited to share it with all of…”
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Angel , Chuby Mi