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there are many cupcakes with flowers on them in the trays and one is made out of clay
IJsbeker met brownie en lolly
a cake with chocolate icing and colorful decorations on it sitting on a plate in front of a table
Kinder- Regenbogen-Geburtstagstorte
a birthday cake with chocolate frosting, sprinkles and icecream
Bunte Torte zur Einschulung
a chocolate birthday cake with an ice cream cone and candies on the top, surrounded by confetti
a birthday cake with ice cream cones and pink icing on top, topped with sprinkles
a cake shaped like the number eight on a cutting board with pink ribbon and bow
a birthday cake shaped like a horse with candles on it's face and eyes
Kuchen Pferd
a white bowl filled with whipped cream on top of a wooden table
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a birthday cake decorated with animals and trees
Safari Torte {zum Kindergeburtstag}
there is a cake decorated with two koalas on top of it and some leaves