fannibal ღ

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a man in a suit and tie is talking to another man with a cell phone
two men are looking at each other and one is telling the other he's not in love
an image of the same person in game of throne
again idk if this makes sense but it makes sense to me
three different types of horses with the names of their main parts in each one's body
Peter, is your social worker in that horse? 😐
#Hannibal #funny
a man with the words i am just rawdoging it like s1 will graham did
he’s literally me
hannibal, will graham
a sign that says baltimore state hospital for the criminalinshine every day closer to
three different pictures with the same person in each photo, one has his hand on his head
an image with the quote when they say, i'm but hannah once skinnyed somebody and left their hearts - shaped corpse implated in the middle of a church for will to find
an image of a person in the dark with text that reads, humbly follow
a man in a suit and tie with an instagram message on his twitter account
the tweet is being posted to someone on their cell phone, and it looks like they are talking
a man sitting at a table in an orange shirt
a deer with very large antlers on it's head