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a person in blue gloves is holding a toothbrush over a glass with liquid inside
The Re-usable Resin Tools You Should Buy
These reusable resin tools are the MUST HAVE measuring and mixing tools to use in resin crafting if you're conscious of the environment. By choosing reusable tools, not only will you reduce your waste but you'll also save money by not having to constantly replace them. Get tips on what to purchase and also how to clean your tools ready for re-use. #MillLaneStudio #howtocleanresintools #reuseresin #epoxytipsandtricks #resincraftsforbeginners
there is a collage of pictures with words and letters on it, including candy
Bottle Cap Fridge Magnets Make Great Small Gifts
Did you know that kids CAN work with UV resin? Kids just love 100s and 1000s and these bottlecap fridge magnets are a fun project for them to make to welcome a new baby into the household. Involve them in making a set for their grandparents who will love receiving this gift as much as the kids enjoyed making it!
the cover of getting started with resinin tips to set you up for success
Setting Yourself Up for Success with Resin
Getting into resin is fun but there's stuff you need to know before you get started. Be guided by the resin advice recommended in this article that resin beginners, and pros alike, should always follow to make sure a resin project is successful!
how to create cells in resin paint with real art project for kids and adults
How to Create Cells in a Resin Art Masterpiece
Learn how to create cells in resin to make a personalised piece of resin art for your home. This DIY resin project uses epoxy resin and dimethicone to create the cells. It's an easy resin craft technique that produces stunning results!
an advertisement for jewelry made with u v resinin and the words jewellery for the well - dressed man
DIY Cuff Links for the Well-Dressed Man
Make a set of resin cuff links that are the perfect finishing touch to any stylish man's suit. Put your own spin on the cuff links by including small items in the layers of resin to reflect the personality of your special man. This is a fairly quick project to make because it uses UV resin.
how to make a space invades coaster
DIY Space Invader Pixel Craft Resin Coasters
What a great DIY for geeks - Space Invader pixel characters resin coasters that you can make yourself! And you won't believe what they use to create the resin pixels with. You've got to check it out! #MillLaneStudio #pixelcraftsideas #diyresincoasters #geekstuff #geekcrafts
a hand holding a wine glass with the words how to make resinin coasters
How to Turn a Plastic Doily into a Modern Resin Coaster
If you love doileys, try this DIY resin coaster idea. These are plastic doileys that you can buy inexpensively in packs of mixed colours. All you need is epoxy resin, a silicone coaster mould and resin pigment in your colour choice. The tutorial walks you through the layering process so that the doiley is suspended in the resin.
yellow flowers with the words drying flowers for resin on it's front cover
Got Questions About Putting Flowers in Resin?
If you need answers on how to prep flowers for resin, check out this FAQ page. You'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about fresh flowers and preserving them in resin PLUS links to where you can find more information.
butterflies with the words using resin to create stickers
Learn How to Make Epoxy Resin Stickers from Scrapbook Paper
How gorgeous are these DIY butterfly stickers!! You can learn how to make resin stickers just like these using scrapbook paper and resin. The resin gives your images a high gloss, domed coating which not only makes them gorgeous but also very durable. Your handmade resin stickers make great embellishments for your journals, scrapbook pages and paper craft projects.
the quick and easy way to clean resinin tools for re - use
Choosing Resin Tools and How to Clean Them
Want to do your bit for the planet and re-use your resin tools? Find out what resin tools you should choose and how to clean them so you don't have to throw them away after each use. Not only will you reduce waste, but you'll save money too so it's a WIN-WIN!
how to clean your resin cups for re - use with the help of an appliance
Mill Lane Studio
Do your bit to reduce waste and re-use your resin measuring cups. Watch the video to learn how easy it is to clean your cups so you can use them again and again. It's a great tip when you're running low on cups or when you need to stretch your crafting dollar a little bit further.
a child's arm with crayons and pencils in it
Coloured Pencil Resin Stretch Bracelet
DIY your child's coloured pencils into a fun and playful resin bracelet. No need to throw them away when they become too little to keep using... just cut them to the length of a resin mould and embed them. This tutorial shows you how!
how to embed a pc coaster in resinin - cd cover art printable
Give a plastic doiley a facelift and embed it in resin
Turn a lacy black pvc coaster into a dramatic black on white resin coaster with this epoxy resin drink coaster tutorial. It shows you the steps for embedding a plastic doiley into clear resin and how to add the white resin background. #MillLaneStudio #diyresincoaster #howtoembedinresin #resincoastersideas #resincraftstutorial
Bottle of resin being poured into a measuring cup.  1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 ratios are highlighted in colourful text bubbles. Text overlay reads Resin Mix Ratios Explained.
Get the Perfect 2:1 Resin Ratio Every Time - Here's How!
Do you avoid 2:1 ratio resin because you're scared you won't get the measurements right? Then check out these 3 EASY WAYS to accurately measure Part A and Part B for any resin that isn't 1:1 ratio. So whether you've got a 2:1, 3:1 or 10:1 epoxy, these methods will make it easy to measure out the right amount of resin and hardener for your resin project.
Cream Resin cuff with a transparent turquoise insert and a resin colourant guide on a mint coloured background.
Adding Color To Resin - The Ultimate Resin Color Guide 🌈
Get ready to level up your resin game with this comprehensive resin coloring effects guide! 🎨 Learn the difference between clear and opaque resin, and see how it all affects the vibrant colors you can create. Don't miss out on this vital information... it will add a whole new dimension to your resin projects! ✨ Get the info NOW!