DIY Gifts for Men

Got a special man in your life who loves thoughtful, handmade gifts? Try some of these diy gift ideas which are guy approved.
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a display case filled with lots of different types of cupcakes on top of each other
Best Way to Display and ENJOY Your Bottle Cap Collection
Do you like to collect bottle caps from different beverages? Well here's a good way to display them and enjoy them at the same time - embed them in a resin coaster! Make them colour coordinated or choose a random selection of your favourite beers to put together. No matter how you choose your beer caps, they'll be a great talking point every time you use your resin coasters. #MillLaneStudio #beercapcoastersresin #awesomeresincoastersideas #diygiftsformen #diyresincoasters
an ad for u - resin puffy inks with the words how to make diy
How to Make Your Own DIY Personalised Resin Cufflinks
Running short on time but need to make a quick gift for the special man in your life? Try making these personalised resin cuff links! Grab some alphabet brads or beads, some UV resin and a pair of cuff link bezels and you can make this personalised and thoughtful gift that he'll just love. And he'll never know that it only took you half an hour!
the instructions for making resin and gold leaf phone case makeover are shown in pictures
Makeover Your Phone Case with Resin and Gold Leaf
Personalise your phone case with a glitzy resin and gold leaf makeover. This easy DIY phone case idea will give your phone a luxe look. To make your own phone case, all you need is epoxy resin, gold leaf flakes and a plastic phone case.
some beer caps are in a tray with the words save your beer bottle caps to make resinin coasters
Man Cave Resin Coaster Kit
Don't discard those beer bottle caps. Collect them and put them to use by embedding them in a resin coaster. This beer bottle cap project is perfect for the man who wants to deck out his mancave. They’re great for when you’re watching the big game with a few mates or having a backyard BBQ. These make great DIY gifts for men. Or give the kit to the man who likes to make things himself.
bottle caps in resinon with the title how to embed bottles in resinon
Man Cave Resin Coaster Kit
Resin tutorial for how to make a bottle cap coaster. This is a great way to decorate your home bar or mancave. Keep all your bottle caps for this crafty DIY resin project. These resin coasters would make any Dad happy.
two pictures with different types of beer in them and the same one is labeled man cave coasters
Man Cave Resin Coaster Kit
What man wouldn't truly love to receive a set of these resin beer bottle cap drink coasters? They make a great home bar accessory and are perfect for man caves or barbecues, and they make good conversation starters. Now you can finally put that bottle cap collection to good use.
a green and black coaster with the words, bring the 70's back into your life
Resin Space Invaders Coaster
Bring a little of the nostalgic 70s and 80s back into your life with this classic Space Invaders resin coaster. It's the perfect gift for the geek in your life.
how to make cufflinks with u v resinin by las pavela
Easy-to-Make UV Resin Cuff Links
Need an easy DIY resin gift idea for the man in your life? Then try your hand at this one. Fill cuff link bezels with his small trinkets, images or whatever he's interested in and then top them up with resin. These resin cuff links are made with UV resin so they're a quick project that you can finish in an hour or so. And he'll be so impressed that you made them yourself!
the cover of space invade's resin coaster is shown in neon green and black
Walk Down Memory Lane - DIY Space Invaders Resin Coasters
Remember the Space Invaders Arcade game that was popular in the 70s and 80s? Well, these DIY resin coasters recreate all the characters in their pixelated glory! Cast the resin aliens in bright colours using a silicone kitchen trivet with square cavities as the mould. Once they're cured, cast them into resin in a coaster mould. And then sit back and ENJOY your walk down memory lane! #MillLaneStudio #pixelart #diyresincoasters #howtomakeresincrafts #resinprojectideas #80sarcadegamespartyideas
the book cover for super cool arcade game coasters with hands in gloves and green gloves
DIY Resin Space Invaders Coasters - Handmade Gift for Geeks
Love playing arcade games? Then you'll love making these DIY resin coasters based on the Space Invader aliens. They're made using an inexpensive silicone trivet as the mould to create the pixels. Tutorial includes a BONUS ALIEN TEMPLATE as a guide to create your own set of pixel characters. #MillLaneStudio #diyresincoasters #geekgiftsdiy #pixelcrafts
an advertisement for jewelry made with u v resinin and the words jewellery for the well - dressed man
DIY Cuff Links for the Well-Dressed Man
Make a set of resin cuff links that are the perfect finishing touch to any stylish man's suit. Put your own spin on the cuff links by including small items in the layers of resin to reflect the personality of your special man. This is a fairly quick project to make because it uses UV resin.
how to make a space invades coaster
DIY Space Invader Pixel Craft Resin Coasters
What a great DIY for geeks - Space Invader pixel characters resin coasters that you can make yourself! And you won't believe what they use to create the resin pixels with. You've got to check it out! #MillLaneStudio #pixelcraftsideas #diyresincoasters #geekstuff #geekcrafts
the bottle caps are being held up by someone's hand and there is a pink box with six bottles in it
Upcycle Your Bottle Caps from your Favourite Beer into Resin Coasters
Cast your own resin coasters with beer bottle caps. They make a fun talking point in a games room, at a home bar, or in a mancave. These DIY resin coasters are a great way to recycle something you'd normally discard and a fun and practical craft. #MillLaneStudio #diycoasters #beerbottlecapcoasters #resincraftideas #mancaveaccessories #resinprojectforguys
a man in a tuxedo is holding up a pair of cufflinks
DIY Cuff Links for the Groomsmen!
Wow, these DIY cuff links are so smart! They're really classy looking and they'd be the perfect gift for groomsmen. I can't believe that they're handmade! The tutorial shows you how to make cuff links with UV resin - you just have to decide what items to embed.
the instructions for how to make space invade coasters are easy and fun, too
Make these Retro Alien Space Invader Coasters with Resin
You'll love using these DIY resin coasters in your games room. Learn the neat trick used to create pixels in resin and then turn the pixels into pixelated retro arcade game characters like these space invaders. Cast the pixels in different colours and then assemble them into aliens so you can have a whole set of Space Invaders. #MillLaneStudio #diygamesroomideas #howtomakeresincoasters #spaceinvadersdecorations #resincoastersideas